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Privacy & Data Collection Policy

Data Collected by Exalt Custom Tubing
Exalt Custom Tubing (a.k.a Extrusion Alternatives Inc.) collects data via our website forms. Information on these forms is supplied by the individual and is used to converse with that person to address their inquiry. This voluntarily supplied information will be kept for a year or less if the inquiry does not result in a sale, or for as long as the company remains a client. Exalt Custom Tubing does not collect personal data, only contact information for a company owner or employee for the sole purpose of doing business with that company.

About Cookies
This website uses cookies to track visitor interaction with the website. Primarily it is used to understand how visitors respond to the website information. The use of cookies is to create a website that is of value to our website visitors. We also use analytic software to identify companies that are visiting our website. This information is not sold or shared with any other company outside of Exalt Custom Tubing.

Data Sharing
No data collected is ever sold or shared to other parties for the purpose of contacting or soliciting.

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